Dog Parks: Benefits for People and Dogs


Dogs enjoying a public dog park. Photo by @mesaparksandrec.

Currently, in Hacienda Heights, there are no nearby dog parks; causing a problem because dog parks have many benefits, and can help both a person and dog(s) to be prosperous.

Dog parks are a place where people and dogs gather, and people can socialize, while dogs meet other dogs; for a society to grow, people must socialize and connect, which they can do at dog parks.

Dog parks also allow a person and dog’s mental and physical health to grow, because these dog parks allow people to be more active. Being active is very important, and it can cause one’s mental health to prosper because of all the fresh air.

A dog-loving person, Jennifer Amaya said, “People gather at dog parks, and it encourages people to talk to one another, allowing connections to form. With dogs, these dog parks allow your dogs to make friends, and to interact with other dogs.”

Dog parks also allow dogs to have more freedom. The dogs can have a big open area to explore, while sometimes in homes, the space is limited, and it can be hard for the dog to have that freedom.

Another benefit to people visiting dog parks is that people will have a better understanding of their dogs. Based on how the dog acts in different situations, the owners can understand their dog and can make the necessary changes when they interact with their dog.

“In these dog parks, there are many different kinds of dogs, and it allows the owner to see how well the dogs get along with other dogs, and how they react to them,” Amaya said, “It allows people and humans to form a better bond.”

Dog parks also allow a community to be closer together. All the people are meeting and socializing, while the dogs play, and it allows people to connect and share their thoughts and ideas and allows neighbors to get to know each other and form a stronger and happier community.

The community could become a desirable one because of the potential strong bonds that can occur while taking their dogs out to the park.

“There are many benefits to dog parks, and they can help both people and animals,” Amaya said. “These parks can help one with their mental, physical and social life, which are all factors that all for a person and society to grow.