Dance Production Amazes Audience at Open House

Dancers in shiny, silver tops grabbed everyone’s attention on October 4, 2019 at the District Open House. Loud music filled the air and the dancers drew a crowd that was eager for entertainment.

Dance Production was invited to appear at the Open House last weekend. The team used two routines that were showcased previously at different rallies.

Junior Ariana Villanueva is a very involved dancer at school. She is spirit chair of Dance Production and a member of Dance Team.

Villanueva said, “For each of the dances that Dance Production has performed, we prepare by working two to three times a week on our choreography, and working on our flexibility to make sure we’re fully prepared for each performance.”

Despite working on other pieces for the Winter Choreography Concert, Dance Production set time apart to focus on two routines they previously used for rallies. These dances, choreographed in the beginning of the year, were utilized for the Open House performance. They did this to work on their technique and stage presence.

Villanueva said, “First, we did a hip hop combo to the song ‘Let’s Get It Started’ by the Black Eyed Peas. We also danced to the song ‘Crazy Benny’ by Safri Duo.”

Freshman Caryssa Cavanias enjoyed her first performance at the Open House.

Cavanias said, “Dancing at the open house was a different type of experience than anything we’ve done so far.  We’ve only performed at rallies, but dancing in front of total strangers was different for me. The crowd was mostly parents and children, rather than teens like we’re used to. They were all smiling and recording which made it fun to perform.”

Was Dance Production proudly walked off the stage, the audience applauded and parents finished recording their dancers final steps off the stage. Cavanias said, “It felt good to pull off another great performance, and I can’t wait to see what this team pulls off next.