Through Tennis Experience


The tennis ball bounces off the racket with force coming from Yasmine Villarreal’s hand as she watches it fly across the net. Villarreal is a varsity tennis player who actively seeks new ways to improve herself.

Villarreal balances extracurricular activities and school work such as AVID, an AP class, Conquer the Need club, and a job at a veterinary facility all at the same time.

Also, due to the amount of exercise done, Villarreal went from easily losing stamina to an improvement of longer lasting energy during games.

Villarreal said, “I really have improved so much since my freshman year, the first time I hit a tennis ball it went directly to my coaches head and that’s how I met him. I can really see a change in my scores and myself”

In the beginning the long hours of practice and learning wrist motions were difficult. Villarreal adjusted to the routine and it went from painful practice, to an excitement to participate.

“There was times where I got lazy fairly quickly and a ball would pass me, but now I run, jump, and squat to make sure the ball does not cross.” Said Villarreal

Junior Lauren Stratton, who is a Varsity tennis player who plays doubles for the tennis team, said, “ Yasmine is a good player because she has good serves and really knows how to hold her own stamina in a singles game”

Even though tennis has quickly became a passion for each of the players, the struggle they face is that they do not have a good court to play and practice on.

“I know most people underestimate tennis because it’s a sport that balls play back and forth, but it includes everything in competitive sports want such as running, reflex, wrist back, and catching a ball in the air.” said Villarreal

Just like many student athletes on campus who are in sports, the main reason is to either discover something new about themselves or to impress colleges with what they have done.

“The reason I chose to play tennis at first was because it was a way to put something into my college applications and I thought it was easy, but overtime I really enjoyed it and I appreciate that we still have a tennis team to this day.” Villarreal Said