KIWIN’S: Together in Service and in Quarantine


The official slogan and Remind code for KIWINS, @los.atos.kiwins on Instagram.

In an environment as vulnerable as high school, students struggle with finding a sense of belonging. KIWIN’S can be just what students are looking for to build relationships and give back to the community.

KIWIN’S is a student-led organization that operates under the larger organization of California-Nevada-Hawaii KIWIN’S. KIWIN’S host various service events for students to earn service hours, give back to the community, and build college resumes. Enrique Gonzalez, a junior at Los Altos, recently became the new club president of KIWIN’S.

Gonzalez said, “KIWIN’S is not only about community service and scholarships; it’s also about building a sense of family. As a part of KIWIN’S you are part of a tight knit community of individuals young and old who all support each other through thick and thin, all to promote positivity within each and every member and their respective community.”

KIWIN’S usually holds multiple outdoor volunteering events with its members. So, the sudden Covid-19 pandemic has become an obstacle to the freedom of KIWIN’S. But a pandemic is not enough to limit this passionate club.

“Because of the unfortunate and historical Covid-19 pandemic, we at KIWIN’S have acted fast! As a collective team, we have set up virtual meetings, group chats, and joined district events from our club all through the use of Zoom! We’re also working on offering our members a wide variety of service events so they can earn service hours to help develop their look in the eyes of potential colleges,” said Gonzalez.

Students often have difficulty choosing the many clubs on campus that fit their personalities, interests and future careers. KIWIN’S fit all those criteria with its encouragement of building relationships, opportunities of earning service hours, and helping students craft their profiles and skillsets for college. And all this is still possible amongst a global pandemic.

Gonzalez said, “Not only is our club working on the serious aspect of things, we’re also making our club fun, comforting, and overall a safe place for anyone seeking friends or people to talk to.”