Youth Impacts the Nation’s Future, JSA Shows Them How


JSA hosts virtual voter registration drive to pre-register and register High School students. Credit: @lahsjsa on Instagram.

As the countdown to the 2020 Presidential Election begins, it is important now more than ever for students to be politically aware and active. Many students are unsure on how to open their eyes to the world of civic engagement, but a Junior State of America is providing resources to assist.

Junior State of America or JSA, a national organization that’s new to LAHS, gives students opportunities to learn more about the political state of the nation through lessons on leadership and debate. On September 24, 2020, the club hosted a virtual voter registration drive, guiding students 16 and older on how to pre-register or how to register to vote.

The new club was first introduced during virtual Club Rush Week, promoting the various activities from civil debates to civic engagement through volunteering and activism.

President of JSA sophomore Mindy Rodriguez said, “I started JSA with the help of Alex Juarez and our amazing advisor Emily Wright to help students become better debaters and leaders. So often, we shy away from having difficult conversations that are so important and need to be discussed. Through JSA, we hope to provide a platform where students are encouraged to actively share their opinion while challenging others at the same time. Now more than ever it is necessary for students to understand and simply engage in issues occurring in the world around them.”

Leading up to November 3 or Election Day, JSA assisted in registering student voters in time for them to cast their vote as to who they believe fit for Presidency. The process was covered step by step over zoom, preparing students for their civic duty of voting.

“It’s important for students to shift from the mentality that their vote doesn’t matter to the reality that they matter as much as any other citizen. Being politically aware isn’t something that should be reserved for those with the ability to vote or those over 18, but rather a norm for everyone.”

Voter turnout among young citizens is key is creating the future nation one wishes to see. Social activism through media is not enough, especially with the Presidential Election November 3. Students can participate in the club by joining their Remind using the code lahsjsa.