Junior Home Page Provides Resources During Distance Learning


Juniors access the Junior Homepage for multiple resources to guide them on their search for the ideal college. Photo Courtesy of Patricia Higgins

Distance learning has become the new normal and new struggle for Los Altos High School students, especially for juniors. However, Los Altos is continuing to provide juniors with great resources to ensure a smooth pathway to colleges and careers.

Recently, on Canvas, juniors have been invited to join a class called “11th Grade – Higgins.” There, they can access a helpful resource called the Junior Home Page through the Bitmoji classroom or the Announcements tab. On the Junior Home Page, there are a wide variety of easily accessible resources to prepare juniors.

Junior counselor Patricia Higgins said, “The Junior year is very important. Decisions need to be made, so research needs to be done. You need to figure out what you might want to do after high school and beyond.”

The Junior Home Page is a great place to start the search for ideal colleges and career paths. Under “College Resources,” juniors can find college search links, scholarship links, and SAT/CollegeBoard links.

In college search links like Big Future by CollegeBoard, juniors can key in their specific major and the type of college to see which colleges has their field of study. In scholarship links like Fast Web, juniors can see the different types of scholarships available and how to apply.

During a usual school year, students can simply go to the office and see their counselors to ask for advice or help regarding colleges and careers. However, distance learning has become an obstacle, making it hard for juniors to get fast and direct help.

Nonetheless, Los Altos and its counselors are working to continuously provide resources for juniors, and the Junior Home Page is a perfect example of such. Distance learning is a time of uncertainty, but it’s also a time to discover passions and what the future can hold for students.

“Juniors must keep their grades up if they want to go to college after high school. If they aren’t sure what they want to do, research will help you figure that out. Distance learning has been hard on everyone, but it can give you a chance to figure out your future,” said Higgins.