How technology has affected students in quarantine


Students spend the whole day at their computers, overwhelmed with the new sites that have become their “school”. Graphic by David Galaviz

The quarantine has undoubtedly been one of the toughest events that we faced throughout our lives. However, it has been the beginnings of a new era of learning, the era of online distance learning.

Even though online classes are something seen as harmful for students, they also have helped students develop new qualities, such as honesty, self-demand, adaptability, and being more independent academically.

Online classes have also greatly influenced computer literacy. Many students have learned to use more word processing programs and sites like Microsoft Word, and Google Docs.

Although distance classes have many advantages, disadvantages have affected our daily lives in very significant ways.

Spending a lot of time looking at a computer monitor or laptop directly can cause redness in eyes, visual fatigue, blurred vision and even headaches. Also, having a bad posture affects several parts of the body such as the back, lower back and neck.

To avoid problems, it is recommended to take breaks for a certain period of time. It is good to lower the brightness of the device that you are using to avoid eye discomfort, and opt for good posture and reduce forced position when sitting, to reduce the risk of back pain and problems related. Blinking periodically helps to moisten the eyes to avoid dryness and redness.