How Notion Can Help You Stay Organized


Notion’s variety in templates can help organize your week. Photo by Emma Arredondo

As the second month of 2021 starts, the motivation to finally break bad habits and set goals for the year has seemingly faded. While many people have already abandoned their New Year’s resolutions, it is not too late to turn the year around and get organized.

Among those abandoned plans might have been the desire to start being more organized or to gain better time management skills. A possible aide in achieving these goals is Notion.

Notion is an app/website that allows users to keep an organized workspace. Anyone can make a page and add a variety of sections using different formats such as blank pages, tables, lists, timelines, calendars, and more.

Freshman Melina Jimenez said, “I heard about Notion from Tik Tok and when I saw it on my for you page I knew I had to go see it because the caption said if you want to get your life together use Notion to organize it and I thought I need to get my life together. So, I visited their website and made my own page.”

Notion is completely customizable and lets users curate their perfect all-in-one-workspace. Users can use the site to make an infinite amount of resources that can be easily accessed like to-do lists, habit trackers, playlists, routines, and anything one might need to stay organized.

“I like how you can alter different templates to suit what you personally like instead of just using the ones that are given to you, you can change it however you want to meet your interests,” said Jimenez.

With Notion there are so many possibilities and uses that can appeal to many ages from high school students to working adults.  Students can use it to keep track of homework assignments, courses, book/movie lists, self-care routines, and even dream boards using text, icons, and images.

“I really recommend for other people to start using Notion especially high schoolers that need to organize their schedules better and have better time management skills,” said Jimenez.