NAHS Hosts: Color Therapy Day Paint Night


NAHS hosts a paint night, promoted by this flyer. Photo Courtesy of Alyssa Borbon.

The National Arts Honor Society is hosting a paint night March 31st, 2021 at 5 pm in honor of de-stressing students and spreading positivity through creativity. The main topic is ‘Does the Pandemic have you feeling blue?’.

Unlike any other paint night hosted by NAHS, this one will be hosted over Zoom as COVID safety regulations are taken into consideration. However, the time frame will still be 40 minutes to an hour, like any other paint night.

Alyssa Borbón, Senior and NAHS President, said, “This is like any other paint night, but it is not a fundraiser. It is supposed to be a therapeutic painting experience. The theme we even chose is relaxation based.”

The main premise of this paint night is to gather in a group setting and follow an in-depth step-by-step tutorial on how to paint a certain design. Usually, the individual leading the paint night is either the art teacher, Ms. Oseguera, or a NAHS member.

Borbón said, “I want everyone to accomplish feeling less stressed through this and to make some pretty good art. Everyone should just feel happy about what they make, no matter how different it looks from anyone else’s painting. We usually use paint, but now every medium is allowed because we just want everyone to come.”

The paint night creates an all-inclusive environment that anyone is free to join, from students to staff to parents and even siblings. The lighthearted ambiance is developed with music playing in the background and by seeing friends in the zoom.

“I hope a lot of people come since this past year has been difficult for everyone. We need something to hold us off and this can help because it’s fun and exciting,” said Borbón.

To participate in Color Therapy individuals must click on a zoom link which will be provided near the date, and for more information on the paint night follow the NAHS Instagram account at ‘nahs.lahs’.