Sophomore Students’ Return to Campus


Sophomores have finally returned to in-person learning with uncertainty, anxiety or excitedness, but definitely not in the way in which they imagined prior to the effects of the pandemic.

“One of the biggest struggles for sophomores who have never stepped foot on campus is the lack of confidence they have,” Garcia said. “Usually, freshman year is where students get all the fear out and get to know their surroundings more. Since [they] never got the opportunity to do so, [they] still have that scared freshman mindset.”

Freshmen and sophomores are more alike than any consecutive grade levels in the high school year of 2021. Both classes have had to re-familiarize themselves with social interaction and in person schooling as well as a broad, new campus they have never experienced. 

Students are eager to return to normal school activities and try new extracurriculars. Garcia said, “I am most excited about soccer season. Due to COVID, I never experienced true high school sports.”  

 Unlike the uneasy emotions that Garcia and her peers may harbor, she speaks about the memorable moments that her and her classmates look forward to making. Garcia said, “I feel like I’ll have so much fun and make so much new amazing memories.”

The class of 2024 cannot wait to live out their high school experience in person and with eager, or rather uneasy, feelings.