The Best Summer Life of a Conqueror’s Life

The sound of ocean waves, the feeling of the sun, and the incredible emotion of happiness knowing its summer. For three months, students of Los Altos have been adventuring out in summer activities.

Summer time is a long time and students want to have that time to enjoy themselves, while creating incredible memories that are once in a life time. From the moment the last bell rings, summer time is on everyone’s mind.

For three months, there are nonstop activities and events going on, from traveling to hanging out at the beach every week, whatever it is a wonderful summertime is happening. Jacob Ruiz states “I traveled to Big Bear where I ran the highest peaks there and the most amazing part was the view from the top when I got there.” Ruiz also says, “My friends and I went on a scavenger hunt throughout the city and visited a tiny city walk that had all sorts of entertainment and gift shops. The best part though was hanging out with my best friends and having a great time in Big Bear.”

Students at LA are having a blast with such amazing experiences with their closes friends and family.

Mary Rached has her own story to tell, she quotes,” This summer I went to Oxnard with my family for the first time. It was a great experience! Every night we would go by the beach and watch as the sharks swam through the oceans. I was glad to be able to enjoy a summer with my family in Oxnard.” She also says, “This summer I also got the chance to reunite with friends that I haven’t seen in a long time. It was wonderful catching up with them.”

Summer life is about creating wonderful memories with both family and friends. Students at LA are showing the world what a Conqueror Summer Life is all about.