M.O.V.E. Making Our Voices Echo in the Wake of Hurricanes

Every Monday during lunch in room J12, Los Altos M.O.V.E. (Making Our Voices Echo) meets to address issues across the globe. As a newly established club, M.O.V.E. is a youth-led vision club advocating for awareness on a many number of issues globally and domestically. Raising awareness is a key . Tang describes, “the reason for starting this club was to create a voice for the community as we raise concerns and address issues both globally and locally”.

Founded in 2012 as a humanitarian leadership organization, M.O.V.E. is sponsored by World Vision Organization, voicing concerns on humanitarian issues around the globe such as famine, access to education, and ongoing violence across the world. The mission statement of M.O.V.E. is to take initiative by “addressing local to global issues in order to be advocates in our community, world, and future”.

Every Monday during lunch, members meet to be informed and filled in on the club’s goals called a “monthly focus”. This month of September will focuses on fund-raising for Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Fundraisers and campaigns revolve around these monthly focuses and can range from simple restaurant fundraisers, in-meeting activities, and on-campus campaigning. Because this month’s focus is on Hurricane Harvey and Irma, Tang’s plan this month is to organize a boba milk tea and chocolate fundraiser to raise money for hurricane relief in the east coast. Senior Joshua Chia, the director of fundraising for Los Altos M.O.V.E, explains “the money being raised will be used by World Vision to address the cause we selectively support or advocate for”. All donations collected by Los Altos M.O.V.E. goes directly to World Vision, ensuring that the money being raised is used properly.

Make sure to be there Saturday, September 30 to buy delicious boba and chocolate to help raise money for hurricane relief. (The date is not set yet, Jonathan is still organizing it so I’ll try to edit it as soon as possible)