Annual District College Fair Returns Hosted by Wilson High

Student’s rushed into the Workman gym as the Annual District College Fair arrived with dozens of students waiting to ask questions. Colleges such as UCLA, Harvard, UCSB, and more arrived to answer student’s questions.

The college fair is an important event for many upperclassmen that want to discover what college they can and may get into. The college fair was on September 21,2019 from 10 AM to 3PM.

Junior Lauren Stratton said “The college fair benefits the students because instead of reading information on a website they can actually talk to representatives and ask serious questions.”

When walking into the school, students hosting the event, handed students complimentary bags.

Junior Yasmine Villarreal said, “The college fair gives a lot of information about not just colleges, but the army and military too.”

The college fair is a good way to branch out to other smaller colleges that are not as well known as the Ivy League or the UC schools. Students are able to discover how many universities they are able to go to whether it’s a match for grades or the lower cost compared to a UC schools.

“The college fair is important because it gives us comfort that colleges do want you to succeed and aim for a diverse campus.” said Villarreal

By going to the college fair, students from all over HLPUSD can received a better understanding of what schools are available to them. Although this fair is especially important for juniors and seniors, it’s also an opportunity for freshmen and sophomores to see what colleges expect from them.