Sibal Passionately Scores Points While Pursuing Skills

At some moments, you can catch number 3 putting her all out on the volleyball court, and at others, she is leading ASB, serving as a president for the student group, but also as a role model on campus.

Senior Soledad Sibal has been involved in volleyball for years, playing on the school team and on the ICON North club team. Her passion has led her to become the team captain of the Varsity Girls Volleyball team. Among all her time on the court, she manages to maintain a 4.33 G.P.A.

Her sister, sophomore Belen Sibal, said, “Her dedication really pulls through all of her activities. Without it, she wouldn’t be doing nearly half the things she has accomplished.”

Sibal works her hardest in all her activities, putting forth all her effort into her various passions.

Through her dedication and work ethics, she has moved her way up to being a notable leader to students on campus.

Soledad Sibal said, “My advice to anyone who wants to improve in what they’re passionate about is to know why you’re passionate about it. Once you understand why, you will find the drive to keep going even when it’s too overwhelming. You can do anything, as long as you dedicate yourself to what you are passionate about.”

Putting her leadership skills to work, Soledad was involved with student leadership throughout middle school, carrying it over to high school, serving in ASB. Sibal is also the Vice President of the “Best Buddies” club.

“To manage my time, I make lists of things that I need to get done which helps motivate me to accomplish those things and check them off,” said Soledad Sibal.

Despite having a long list of responsibilities, she has managed to keep a smile on her face, handling the stress of her workload while maintaining her optimism every step of the way.

“My sister has really taught me the importance of happiness in life. As well as being an amazing role model, she has always made me smile, whether I needed it or not. We’re sisters, so yes, we do fight, but that’s one in a million moments. The times we have laughed to the point of tears significantly outweighs the times we have been mad at each other,” said Belen Sibal.