Wrestling Coming Back to Los Altos


Two individuals wrestling. Image by Creazilla.

Students have recognized the lack of the school’s wrestling team and decided to take the revival of the program into their own hands.

The sports department at Los Altos is notable for the numerous teams’ success at competitions on a regional and statewide level. The success of the wrestling team was no different before its ultimate closure in 2020 due to decreasing student interest.

“Wrestling is mentally and physically challenging, and I love every aspect of it,” said junior Brian Cedillo. “It’s a sport I’ve always wanted to do and hearing that the school didn’t have it when I transferred was disappointing. It feels great knowing I can make that change and bring this sport back to LAHS not just for myself bit for others who want to do it as well.”

Cedillo has spent the past month gathering a list of students interested in wrestling, supporting his case for the need and want for a team. In addition, he has introduced a potential new coach to Athletic Director Andrew Formano.

“The potential new coach is Kevin Vargas. The time I’ve known him and trained with him, he’s been teaching me techniques and showing me how to truly be better. He brings in lots of knowledge and I know he will be a great fit for the school,” said Cedillo.

Vargas previously coached wrestling at Bassett High School, but due to decreasing numbers in the team, he noted the need for a coach at Los Altos.

Prior to the program’s closure, Los Altos was notable in the competitive high school wrestling world with class of 2020 alumni Guillermo Escobedo being named the San Gabriel Valley Boys Co-Wrestler of the Year in 2020. However, Escobedo was the only student participating at the time with no clear interest for the next school year if it were to be held in person.

Wrestling will now give an opportunity for students to learn a new sport or continue their passion on campus.

“It opens the doors to a different audience for sports. You don’t have to be big and strong to compete,” said Cedillo. “The weight classes give others the opportunity to compete as well and they can then show off in it. Despite the stigmas it has, I know it can be a great thing to have at our school if people are willing to give it a chance.”