Los Altos JV Girls: First Ever League Title


Picture taken after winning against Rowland High School, making LA 4-0 in league. Photo by Juan Espinoza.

Despite challenges due to the surge of COVID-19 cases, girls Junior Varsity basketball team finished the 2021-2022 season undefeated and with a league title.

Their season concluded with a record is 10-0, having beat all the teams in their division including Walnut, Diamond Bar, South Hills, and Rowland high. Notably, this is JV’s first ever recorded league title in the past 10 years.

“As a first time coach it was so exciting to see the girls teams push through this entire season. We did have our moments of confusion, and disconnect, but I would say one of the most annoying yet hilarious aspects of our games are the close scores. It makes me so stressed on the sideline, but to be number one at the end of the day really shows their dedication and hard work to the sport,” said Jezteni Espinoza, JV head coach and former LAHS Varsity player

The structure of the team this year may have been the deciding factor for their undeniable success. What started off as an unfamiliar group of girls in varying grade levels and differing skill strengths, became a strong team bond that led to the clutch of most of their most recent victories.

“From our first game against West Covina to our last game against Walnut we have certainly grown as a team,” said Freshman JV player Jayleen Gallegos. “Being able to pull through with our record on the line during the last Walnut game was tough. We barely won by four, but it was still a great and intense game to finish off the season strong.”

Even though their games have come to an end, it will not stop them from supporting LA’s Varsity team in CIF playoffs this year. And with summer league around the corner, anything can happen.