BTS Lights Up the World With Virtual Concert


BTS fans passionately cheer for BTS virtually with their lightstick as they enjoy the two-hour concert. Photo by Rufina Chow

Performing 24 songs in two hours, K-pop sensation, BTS, takes their final bow as the giant screen projecting their fans from around the world erupts in cheers. The septet’s Map of the Soul ON:E virtual concert ended magnificently, recording a total of 993,000 attendees from 191 countries.

Back in April 2020 when BTS announced the indefinite postponement of their Map of the Soul World Tour due to COVID-19, BTS fans and BTS themselves were devastated. However, the group has been constantly connecting with their fans virtually, with the biggest way through this concert.

From October 10 through October 11, BTS showcased energetic and emotional performances from their old and new discography like “Boy in Luv,” “We Are Bulletproof: the Eternal,” and “ON.”

However, the star of the show weren’t the multiple dance breaks or the various stage designs. For the 993,000 BTS fans that attended the concert, the two-hour show was a break from reality.

Junior Krysta Tec said, “Although the certain circumstances with COVID prevented us from attending regular concerts, BTS made it possible to still connect with their fan base from home. The connection and feeling they put into every performance is clearly visible and felt.”

The last few months have been difficult for everyone around the world, even for superstars like BTS. So at the concert, the septet took a step away from their limelight and connected with their fans as human beings while sharing the hopelessness they felt during this pandemic.

Near the end of the concert, BTS member, Park Jimin, gave a moving closing statement.

Jimin said, “With the outbreak of COVID-19, I was just not able to understand why I had to go through all that when all I wanted to do was to happily perform with the members, have fun with you, and share the happiness with you. So to ARMYs who always cheer for us, even like this, and wait for us, thank you so much.”

By sharing how they felt during this unfortunate yet still rewarding year, BTS was no longer a faraway global sensation. Instead, BTS fans felt as if they were just human beings connecting with each other, sharing their vulnerability and providing reassurance.

“BTS are displaying how other artists can connect with not only their fan base but also the entire world. BTS is a strong and positive voice that is heard by many around the world, bringing hope and joy into our current situation worldwide,” said Tec.

The concert may have been virtual, but the words and emotions delivered through BTS’ statements and performances reached the hearts of many around the world, providing comfort to get through this time.