New Wellness Center: Future Safe Haven for Students


This is what the future wellness center can look like, where students are able to have resources to rest and relax. Graphic by Rufina Chow

Despite distance learning, staff and student leaders continue to improve the campus of Los Altos High School with a new Wellness Center in progress, hoping to provide help for students in the future.

The passing of Shalom Montgomery, a beloved teacher at Los Altos, inspired the school to get the Wellness Center constructed as soon as possible. The Wellness Center is planned to be located in Montgomery’s old classroom, G5.

Junior Mindy Rodriguez, an ASB Student Senator, said, “The wellness center is important for students because it provides an alternative for students who are feeling stressed or are simply in need of a break. School can be overwhelming at times and having a designated room or space is a great step towards addressing more of the student’s needs.”

Although at its early stages of planning, ASB and the ASB Student Senators have already inputted ideas for resources available at the future Wellness Center and what the center should look like.

“Ideally, the wellness center will have small refreshments and snacks for students to access throughout the day. Additionally, notebooks for journaling would be a great resource or even scratch paper to jot down notes. The wellness center should be welcoming and should look cozy for students. Overall, it should just be a safe place where students feel supported by staff and even other peers on campus,” said Rodriguez.

The Wellness Center will become an essential part of campus, serving as a safe haven for students.

Whether it’s stress from school, home, or for other reasons, the Wellness Center strives to be a place of rest, understanding and protection.

Chris Reeder, ASB and Renaissance advisor, said, “The Wellness Center will be a place where any member of our Conqueror Family can go to get the resources they need to get their life in balance. Whether it’s physical, mental or emotional health, we envision the center being a place where people can come to feel welcomed and supported in their journey for wellness.”