Positive Effects FAFSA Brings to Students in America


College Decisions are pouring in, so now many students turn to see their Financial Aid in deciding which college to choose. Photo by of Zara Fiaz.

An important factor many seniors face when going off to college is applying for the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), as it helps pay off for college and gives an estimate on future finances.

The FAFSA is a form that once filled out could provide students with grants, work-study, and loans.

Senior Adriana Rodas said, “I applied for the FAFSA because it’s easy to do and will help me pay my way through college. It has a positive effect on me because I want to go to college and for that I need to pay.”

The deadline for the FAFSA was March 2nd, so now students are getting input from the colleges they have applied to on what their net total estimate is. Through this many students understand what the next four years will look like financially.

“I feel like the FAFSA gave me peace, since I am more secure for the future. I feel like I am college ready after applying for the FAFSA,” said Rodas.

Even though many students might not have received a decision (acceptance/rejection letter) to the college they have applied to, they are still receiving information on the estimated aid they will receive through email or the college portals.

This is the first step for many seniors to be exposed to the real adult world, as finances and the responsibility of keeping track of personal information were taken into account.

Rodas said, “By applying for the FAFSA I feel more like an adult because I did it on my own. I also feel like I have a hold over my future now as well. I think everyone should have applied for the FAFSA because it is really helpful for the future and it was an easy process to complete.”

The next step for seniors now is understanding what the net total estimate means for each accepted college and keeping that in mind before submitting their SIR (Statement of Intent to Register).

By applying to FAFSA, do you feel college-ready?

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