Microphones for better audio quality during online classes


Microphone help enhance students’ experiences in online classes, maximizing their audio quality. Photo by Sergio Morales

As students go further into the school year with distance learning, getting good audio quality in online classes can be very useful. A USB microphone should be the next thing on your gift shopping list for the holidays. But what does it matter you might be asking? Although it may not seem like a huge difference, it does.

“My teachers can finally hear me now”, said Samuel Morales at Sparks Elementary school, who had previously been struggling with speaking with his teachers online. “I enjoyed using the microphone with my classes, I feel like those people that are on the radio.”

USB microphones can give high-quality audio for distance learning. There are many kinds of microphones and it can be very overwhelming to find the ideal option for both students and teachers. USB microphones are the ideal choice for online distance learning.

USB microphones are widely compatible with computers, laptops, and even phones! Although, if you are using a phone for zoom you need to get a USB OTG (On The Go) adapter. USB microphones are easy to use, you only need to plug it in. You can also use earphones with a microphone for phone calls if you are on a budget.


Here is a list of the top-rated microphones under $100.


The Tonor USB microphone ($39.99) is the bestselling budget microphone under $50.



The Fifine USB microphones ($45.99) is a great option for clear voice quality.



Blue Snowball Ice USB microphone ($49.99) is currently the #1 bestselling online.


Fifne USB microphone ($57.99), is a newer version in the Fifine microphone lineup. With similar functionality, and super clean audio quality is one of the bestselling USB microphones.



The Razor Seiren X USB microphone ($120), is the most high-priced USB microphone on this list guarantees clear voice quality.