The Twilight Renaissance Has Fans In Frenzy



Art by Junior Karen Rivera

The more than decade late release of Midnight Sun proves fans are still as thirsty as ever for the iconic bloodsucking franchise Twilight. This time told through the eternal 17-year-old Edward Cullen’s eyes.

Stephenie Meyer’s arguably most anticipated novel was originally leaked in 2008 leading to the postponement of its eventual release, published this August 4th, 2020. Its timing couldn’t have been better as people around the world revisit old passions and interests in light of the pandemic.

The novel takes readers right back to the small town of Forks, Washington, with its vampire inhabitants now thrust into the spotlight. However, it was not just the leaking of the novel that influenced Meyer’s decision to delay the release of Midnight Sun.

Junior Adrian Lopez said, “My favorite part was definitely the fight scene at the end of Breaking Dawn part 2, it was so iconic and I loved every moment of it.”

Author E. L. James famously ripped off the Twilight franchise with her publishing of a novel based on fanfiction James wrote previously for the Twilight saga. This scandal was hard-fought as Stephenie took great offense to the commercial success of the series. And when James published a book with the same concept as Midnight Sun in 2017, it was an insult to injury for Meyer.

However, despite all the drama surrounding the release around Midnight Sun fans are still purchasing it at record speed and revisiting their love for not only the books but the movie franchise as well.

Lopez also comments, “I’m really excited about it because it brings back a lot of nostalgia and good memories from when it was originally relevant.”

Meyer honors her fans who have waited with bated breath for over a decade with a sentimental dedication. She reminisces, expressing how grateful she is to have seen her teenage fans grow and return to her books. Her hope that they have found reality to be more fulfilling than what they dreamt up in their youth.

Over the years the Twilight saga has gone through many ups and downs in popularity but it is clear to see that fans will always come back even if Meyer chooses to go on another twelve-year hiatus.