BTS’s Dynamite Blows Fans Expectations


Fans of the K-Pop group show support by getting decked out in BTS merchandise while listening to the new hit song, Dynamite. Photo by Rufina Chow

Driving through the city, a song seems to make its way on the radio. Turning up the volume shock courses through your veins as it turns out to be Korean pop boy band BTS (Bangtan Boys).

The viral sensational song “Dynamite”, released on August 21, has taken the entire world by storm during the COVID-19 pandemic as it was the first song to ever achieve a Billboard all kill. This means that it has topped number one in all three of the major Billboard charts (Billboard Hot 100, Billboard Global Excluding U.S.A, and Billboard Global 200).

Los Altos 2016 Alumni Azucena Chavez said, “I like their song a lot. The music is meaningful, you could tell that they are good people and are passionate about writing songs like these. It’s fun, it gives me energy, so for a full three minutes I’m enjoying my life, instead of stressing because of COVID.”

The Billboard charts number ranking is determined by the radio plays, how many people streamed the song, and how much it has been shared on social media. Dynamite has received all around support as radio stations repeatedly played their songs, and even streaming parties were hosted for it.

BTS was also invited on many talk shows, the most prominent being The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon as they performed for an entire week. This caused traction to build up for their song.

Fans believe that this was a gift from BTS as COVID-19 has affected many individuals to go into a slump, but with this song happiness is brought back into their life.

The song Dynamite was BTS’s first full English song, and it was not even supposed to be released. They are going to have an entire album released in November, so the band was going to wait until that time.

“I’m glad that they released something because I am bored, everybody’s bored. This was a gift to the fans, to give them energy and hope during this tough time during COVID. BTS releasing this song helped me, and now knowing that they weren’t going to release the song makes me happy because they care about their fans,” said Chavez.

The fans of BTS have created a positive environment for everybody as they are constantly on social media promoting the song. Fans all over the world are thankful for this song as it was a pick me-up from everyday life.

Chavez said, “BTS went above and beyond, they are just genuine human beings who care about the world. They are a good influence and spread positivity. People should definitely stream Dynamite because the song is just so vibey.”

Dynamite is a must listen to song, not only because it topped the charts but because it has an extremely catchy beat that gives off the fresh summer feel.