Among Us Takes Over The Internet


Two imposters from Among Us float away after getting caught venting in the game. Graphic by David Galaviz

How does a game that came out June of 2018 pick up such an immense following and peak at 3.8 million concurrent players two years later? Even famous streamers play it, making it skyrocket all the way to the second most-watched game on Twitch.

Among Us is available for $3 on Steam and completely free for mobile players. With affordable bonus downloadable content, the game is very straight forward.

Among the Crewmates, there is an Imposter whose goal is to try to eliminate the others without getting caught and them completing the task.

Junior Jordan Gonzales said, “The game is actually insane, it seems so easy to win as imposter, but you have to know where people are and keep up with your lies. If you slip up once you can ruin everything.”

Lying and deception play a key part in the imposter role because your character does not belong to the crew. Imposters aren’t given the option to interact with tasks, so they must stand around and act like they are interacting with the job.

The other way the crew can win is by completing said tasks before getting killed. Even in the afterlife, the players become ghosts and can continue to finish their jobs so the survivors can have a chance at winning.

Gonzales said, “The tasks are really simple almost first-grade level. You either connect cables or memorize a pattern to type in. That’s not what makes the game hard. It’s knowing who’s around you and if you’re safe to work on one and not get caught from behind.”

One of the important game mechanics is that when a crewmate dies, their cartoon steak corpse stays on the floor. This allows other crewmates to report the murder after stumbling upon it.

Junior Domonic Guerrero said, “One of the smartest things I’ve done before after killing someone was sneak through the vents into a room with someone and kill them, then self-report the body so I don’t look as suspicious.”

There are many different strategies that people can use when playing, whether it’s hiding in vents, traveling with a crewmate, or sabotaging the oxygen tank.

Among Us has gotten popular because of the hilarious moments that were caught on stream by the many content creators that have been recording the game.

Guerrero said, “Last time I checked, the game was beating games like Warzone, League [League of Legends], and just games that have been at the top of Twitch recommendations. It probably won’t last but it is fun for now.”