Being Real Has Never Been Easier



Page seen by viewers in the Be Real app. Image by Emma Arredondo.

The students rested idly by on their weekend longing for a sense of connection and closeness with their friends and waiting for the Be Real alert to go off.

A new social media platform has recently emerged and captivated the minds of some Los Altos High School students.

The unique concept of Be Real urges users to capture what they are doing the moment the alert goes off no matter what it is they are doing.

Sophomore Athena Chen said, “I do enjoy the concept of Be Real since it shares a sense of authenticity with the people that can see your post.”

The app’s purpose is to be able to share with your friends while avoiding the fakeness of perfect posed social media profiles that are increasingly common nowadays.

“Compared to other social media apps, Be Real allows you to do a live reaction to other people’s posts which I personally like as it can allow for a wide range of options” said Chen.

The app does allow posts to come in late in order to let everyone be in on the fun. It also encourages live photo reactions called RealMojis to better connect with your friends even though it’s through a screen.

To help eliminate toxic social media behaviors, friends who view your profile can not see past Be Real posts and can only view the post from that day if they have already posted their own.

This helps to eliminate profile stalking and people trying to “measure up” and plan their posts based on what others have posted.

Be Real is bringing on a new feeling of authenticity to social media and many users look forward to their friends’ posts and reactions daily.

“I would recommend Be Real to others who are looking for a closer connection to their friends as it builds honesty through the app” said Chen.